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We can transform your data into a machine learning model that can better assist you in analyzing your product performance, which will help you further your business.


We unlock the potential of technology with API development, platform development, and AI technology, which will help us build you the best products possible.

Design (UX|UI)

We are designers who understand user personas, journey and behavior to create user flow, wireframes and prototypes based on research and data to deliver a great products.

A Full Stack Technologist.

We are a new generation of passionate technologists, and are always ready to generate the newest ideas in order to help our customers achieve the best.

Smart Technology

We are able to use our most recent smart technology to help you improve customer service. With us, you will be able to increase customer satisfaction and the efficiency of productivity.

Agile Methodology

We always active for your business to develop your software more simplest and effective to response all change.


We trust in a power of technology that can help you spread off your business to customers and make a new oppoutunity to business.

Customer Journey

We have an unmatched ability to materialize our client’s wishes and design the product accordingly all throughout our customer’s journey, and are eager to satisfy you.

Our Services

Apps Development

We are professionals for creating Web, Mobile, Database and Enterprise applications. Customize the program to meet the needs of customers.

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IT Solutions

We provide a professional Information Technology services, solutions and consulting services with disruptive technology solutions.

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Graphic Design

We are providing a graphic design services for desiging content to communicate ideas though typography, imagery, colour and form.

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We provide DevSecOps culture and tools for aiding your organization to a speedier development and higher rate security for the developer, operation, and security team.

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We also provide consulting services on the matters of AI|ML and Big Data Technology, and can develop various tools to meet your business needs.

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We trust in a power of Decentralize technology (trustless, ownership and data reconcile) can make a new opportunity to great business.

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Our Skills

We’ve skilled in wide range of web and Other digital market tools.

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/hers values and individuality through design.

  • 01- Business Development

  • 02- Media Design

  • 03- Robotic Process Automation

  • 04- Quality Assurance

  • 05- Web Development

  • 06- Mobile Application Development

  • 07- DevSecOps

  • 08- Analysis

Our Works



Empowering Farmer-Driven Sustainability in Agriculture

Microwave Technology Coporation

Microwave Technology Coporation

Microwave Technology Coporation website

A.I. Eyes

A.I. Eyes

Extract meaningful infomation from image with A.I. technology



Empowering your business with ChatBot platform



Covid-19 Self Tracking on Blockchain and ChatBot Technology

Abhaiphubejhr Line OA

Abhaiphubejhr Line OA

Covid-19 Tracking Chatbot for Abhaiphubejhr Hospital

Gateway Service Web

Gateway Service Web

Gateway Service company website

Drone Association of Thailand

Drone Association of Thailand

Drone Association of Thailand website

Digital Assets Management

Digital Assets Management

Keep your digital assets with transparency with Blockchain Technology

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3332 Viwatchai Building, 4A floor, Phahon Yothin road, Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand 10900
Tel: 02-2880506